Towards more responsible purchasing practices within global supply chains



fbs-logofBS-ESCEM The Business and Management school of Tours and Poitiers is specialised in Enterprise management. Since earlies 2000's, ESCEM has been pro-active in training related to CSR - Corporate Social Responsibility. Therefore, ESCEM is presently is considered as a quality player on the market for its vocational training programme "Badge of Social responsibility".

ESCEM has also designed and implemented an international Master in management of sustainable development. based on this success, ESCEM has been working with many stakeholders of the domain and has developed its research team on the matter. A dedicated research laboratory to sustainable management has been created, which regroups: the social responsibility, the sustainable development and Ethics.
ESCEM is linked to the Chambers of Commerce and Industry of Tours and Poitiers, and we jointly deliver vocational training programmes to answer the needs of the enterprises.
Thanks to its double accreditation by the international quality labels in the training and education area, EQUIS and AACSB, ESCEM is actively developing European and international partnerships in education and vocational training.

fBS contacts for the Respect project:
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Fabrice MAULEON - fabrice.mauleon [-at-] france-bs,com
Jordane MOURGUES - jordane.mourgues [-at-] france-bs,com