Towards more responsible purchasing practices within global supply chains



newageNew Age Bulgaria is a small size textile company established in 2008 that is designing and manufacturing ladies fashion garments. As a supplier, New Age mostly works with European clients from Germany, Italy and Sweden.

It has an interesting profile for this project as they have both supplier and buyer faces:


  • for some clients, they are provided with the design and fabrics and just have to manufacture the garments;
  • for other clients they are in charge of the design and sourcing of fabrics, meaning they have to negotiate prices and delivery time to other suppliers. 

Since the establishment of the company, the management has been very much involved in CSR activities and workshops all around Europe and have even acquired some training qualifications. New Age Bulgaria is very keen on sharing experience between different stakeholders and gain better knowledge to implement CSR practices in their day to day job.

New Age Bulgaria contacts for the Respect project:
Krisitina BORISOVA - kristina _ borisova [-at-] hotmail,de
Ivelina KOLEVA - ina _ koleva [-at-] hotmail,com